Friday, July 15, 2005

Sugar High 

Last night, I had a trial shift at the Bakehouse. Oh my goodness does that place smell good.

I was working the packing shift. Which means I took the beautiful cookies, brownies, etc. and wrapped and stickered them. And got to eat the broken ones and the extra pieces, and the crispy bits of caramel from the.best.brownies.ever. Oh yeah, and the imperfect candy bars, and the mis-cut brownies.

Oh how I want this job.

Because you know what they do with the broken ones? THROW THEM AWAY. Actually, regardless of whether I get this job I am going to try to work something out so they take the imperfect ones to mail order, because let me tell you, they would be appreciated.

This job, it would not be good for me, my cardiovascular health and my waistline specifically. But! the sugar!

And the creamery is next door and they brought us gelato.

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