Monday, April 18, 2005

Kale never appeared 

Favorite food to crunch: croutons
Favorite comfort food: lightly salted/peppered fresh mozzarella slices
Food that makes the best noise: fajitas
Favorite picnic lunch: tomatillo salsa, corn chips, hard boiled eggs, pickles, spring water from an actual spring
Favorite food scene in movie: Peppermint clit from Girl, Interrupted
Favorite food lyrics: 'eggs and toast like bread and wine' --Carrie Newcomer
Best food smell memory: popcorn with nutritional yeast while reading books outside on a blanket
Favorite summer snack: beer
Food that reminds me of the ocean: lobster, even though I no longer eat it
Favorite winter snack: bruschetta
Most likely to eat for lunch: yogurt, bread, and cheese
Least likely to eat for lunch: steak?
Makes me gag: tapioca
Favorite wild foods: dandelion greens
Favorite medicinal food: green tea
Foods that reflect my heritage: nisua
Food most like me: Morningstar Farms buffalo veggie wings--so good and yet so spicy I can't always handle them
Favorite raw food smell: garlic

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