Sunday, April 17, 2005

Frog's Wish=My Command Too 

Okay, frog, you asked for it! :)

Favorite food to crunch: Heath bar.
Favorite comfort food: Pasta.
Food that makes the best noise: Cereal?
Favorite picnic lunch: I don't go on picnics, but I guess fried chicken would be good for this.
Favorite food scene in movie: I don't go to a lot of movies either, but I just saw the dinner scene in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers this morning, and that tickled me all over again.
Favorite food lyrics: Nillson's Lime in the Coconut, currently being massacred by Coke.
Best food smell memory: Hot dogs at Coney Island.
Favorite summer snack: See above.
Food that reminds me of the ocean: And again.
Favorite winter snack: Ama-ebi!
Most likely to eat for lunch: Nowadays, probably a Lean Cuisine.
Least likely to eat for lunch: I miss the salad buffets from Manhattan...
Makes me gag: Lima beans.
Favorite wild foods: I wouldn't know wild from tame. Mushrooms?
Favorite medicinal food: I don't eat medicinal food, so I'll say tea.
Foods that reflect my heritage: Bagels and lox, gefilte fish, matzoh, knishes, latkes.
Food most like me: Probably latkes (potato pancakes).
Favorite raw food smell: Garlic

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