Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Food meme 

I think all of the KWF cooks should do this…
Favorite food to crunch: Chips
Favorite comfort food: Double Stuff Oreos
Food that makes the best noise: Popcorn
Favorite picnic lunch: brie, sweet italian bread, frozen grapes, and lemonade
Favorite food scene in movie: I can’t decide. Tell me yours in the comments instead.
Favorite food lyrics: I don’t know if it was real or in a dream/lately waking up I’m not sure where I’ve been/there was a table set for six and five were there/I stood outside and kept my eyes upon that empty chair/there was steam on the windows from the kitchen/laughter like a language I once spoke with ease/and I’m made mute by the virtue of decision/and I choose most of your life goes on without me —Emily Saliers
Best food smell memory: deep-fried cheese curds at the fair
Favorite summer snack: watermelon
Food that reminds me of the ocean: juice boxes
Favorite winter snack: macho nachos
Most likely to eat for lunch: sandwich, chips, and a Dew. Or leftovers.
Least likely to eat for lunch: Frozen entrée.
Makes me gag: cilantro
Favorite wild foods: raspberries
Favorite medicinal food: I think Oreos are medicinal…but my real answer is tea.
Foods that reflect my heritage: cabbage rolls, potato pancakes, pasties, and cheese. Not all at once.
Food most like me: pineapple
Favorite raw food smell: citrus

From PPB.

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