Monday, June 14, 2004

Look for many hotdog-based casserole recipes coming soon. 

I'm back from a quick trip to my parents' house in Downstate Illinois. While lolling about the kitchen down there I took a moment to browse through my mom's collection of local church charity cookbooks and my attention was arrested by an entry on the inserted errata slip for the St. Luke's cookbook:

SNICKERS AND APPLE SALAD: Substitute regular-sized Snickers for fun-sized Snickers.

I paged frantically ahead to see the complete recipe and noted with mingled horror and glee that my mother had dutifully lined through "fun-sized" and made the necessary emendation.

She denies that she has ever made the salad.

In any event, the dish is elegant in its simplicity and notable as an extreme example of the Midwestern church supper salad. Perhaps also suitable for Cub Scout pack meeting potlucks. I reproduce it here from memory:


Three granny smith apples.
Three regular sized Snicker's bars.
8 oz. sour cream.
8 oz. Cool Whip (thawed).

Core apples (leave skin on) and cut into chunks.
Cut Snickers bars into bite-sized pieces.
Combine in serving dish.
Add remaining ingredients, mix well.
Sneakily place on table at potluck, skulk away from the table.

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