Monday, June 07, 2004

Let the games begin! 

G. and his family and I are splitting a farm share again this summer. On Thursday night, Farmer Rob called to let us know that the share would start on Saturday—on Friday morning, G. and I chatted on the phone to firm up plans, and we talked about how excited we were to start the season, how great all of that produce is, how much we enjoy doing this. We talked some about the price of chest freezers, and we laughed about how we were going to need to remember this feeling of anticipation and glee come late July, when we had way more food than we could possibly cram into the refrigerator, much less eat.

Seems late July showed up at the lilypad a little earlier than usual, this year. Holy Bob, do I have a lot of lettuce. And spinach! Oh, the spinach!

Here’s what’s in the box this week (G., if I missed anything, feel free to edit...):
Romaine, green-leaf and red-leaf lettuce
Sunflower sprouts
Garlic chives
Lemon balm

The lettuce is just as I remember it—so good that I don’t want to put any dressing on it at all. Last evening, I hosted dinner for 11, including myself, four of whom were small girls. I served black bean empanadas and salad, with sorbet (supplied by a guest) for dessert. We made only the tiniest dent in the salad (romaine and green-leaf lettuce, spinach and sunflower sprouts) and the garlic chives (served as a garnish).

I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that I could handle half a share by myself. Those of you who know me IRL should expect that I’ll be bringing salad as my contribution to any and all meals this summer.

And you should also expect to find the occasional Napa cabbage on your porch.

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