Saturday, May 01, 2004

The Survey: An Annotated Response

Favorite kitchen appliance: Coffee grinder
Favorite kitchen implement: Henckels 9-inch steel chef’s knife [1]
Three basics my cooking can't live without: Turmeric, onions, red lentils
Things that are worth the extra $$: fair-trade coffee, regional beer [2]
Things that are not worth the extra $$: fancy red wine for everyday use [3]
Things missed most when they are out of season: tomatoes, fresh basil
Things I get really tired of seeing in the grocery store: hipsters [4]
I avoid at all costs: guacamole [5]
My favorite celebrity chef is: Alice Waters [6]
My favorite cooking show is: NA [7]

[1] I own something that’s cold forged or ice hardened or something. How great is that? It sounds like something you might see advertised during an NFL game (you’ll have to check with Frog about that). “The new Dodge Ram / Gillette Razor / Miller Beer: It’s cold forged.” Anyway, this knife makes me a better cook than I really am.

[2] If it hadn’t been snowing today [this was written April 27, but I got confused about how to log onto blogger] I would mention it’s Oberon season. Instead I will say it’s nominally Oberon season. [Now that it's May Day, we've got 50 degrees and rainy: It's like Spring on the freaking steppes around here.]

[3] Instead, we buy this stuff by the case. We have aparently fallen victim to a masterful marketing strategy.

[4] Look, we know you’re vegetarian already, dude. It’s cool.

[5] So back in the day, Tony was dating this woman who worked at an upscale grocery in Oakland and she got to take home the produce that would otherwise have gotten thrown out. We all stumbled back to her place one night after going out for beers and she made us guacamole out of her stash of free overripe avocados. Since then I have looked upon most avocados with the utmost suspicion.

[6] I have always had a thing for earnest, forward-thinking women with Berkeley connections. Reader, I married one.

[7] It’s either cable or that Oberon beer. I returned some empties this afternoon to the neighborhood party store (sometimes it seems our state welfare program boils down to the fact that we get ten cents a bottle on returns) and even with 72 bottles to my credit, I still needed to shell out $3.50 for my six-pack of Oberon. It's not a habit we indulge very often. (Both returning our bottles and drinking Oberon.)

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