Thursday, May 06, 2004


I have trouble following recipes. Maybe that's why I'm not in love with Cook's Illustrated. All the warnings about using the wrong cornmeal or baking for 30 seconds too long just don't jive with the way I cook. Last night I made Pepper and Cheese Enchiladas from Sunday's at Moosewood. Except I used wheat tortillas instead of corn and did away with the frying them in oil. I omitted the chiles and cut down on the cumin. I left out the cottage cheese and probably increased the amount of cheddar. I'm not sure since I didn't really measure. Just now I'm thinking that a little dried oregano would have worked in the sauce. Anyway, they turned out really well. I would have felt stifled using the recipe as a protocol.

That's fine. Actually, I think that's a good way to cook. Last night, though, I ventured into new territory. I made brownies without a recipe. I've never baked without a recipe. I am both really proud and afraid I've crossed a line between good-cook and old-world grandmother.

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