Friday, April 02, 2004

Maybe eat it out behind the barn.

Perhaps if Elvis had been a little hippier-trippier he would have made something like this instead of the deep-fried peanut-butter and banana sandwiches, though the prospect of Elvis adapting a Molly Katzen recipe makes my head hurt in one of those strange science-fiction movie, alternate-universe paradox kind of ways.

Anyway, I've been making these for my own lunch this week but since my child's grandparents are in town I've been sort of sneaking them on the side since, I don't know, since I guess I'm sometimes reluctant to have to explain my sandwich lifestyle.



A couple slices of bread (fancy-pants, if available).
Almond butter (though natural-type peanut butter works, too).
Miso paste.
Firm tofu.

(1) Spread almond butter on a couple slices of bread.
(2) Smear miso over the almond butter.
(3) Lay a couple of thin slices of tofu over the miso.
(4) Broil until the tofu and miso get a little browned and bubbly.

You may at this point smoosh them together for a traditional sandwich or eat two open-face sandwiches. Yum. Skulk back out into the living room and make conversation with your in-laws.

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