Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The free birthday loot report
-- Six Zingerman’s bagels: check.
-- Haircut*: check.
-- Video rental: check.
-- Scoop of ice cream: no check! New employee, didn’t know the rule.
-- Church coffee mug filled with snacks: check.

*I didn’t expect this—I scheduled the haircut for a day when I had time, and my hairdresser refused to charge me. She rocks.

Mostly, I had a splendid time driving around town collecting my take. In other food-related birthday news, toad bought me a carrot cake (one of my faves) as a birthday cake, as well as take-out from our favorite Thai place (tofu masaman and salad kaak). And my parents sent me some new kitchen implements (in part to replace some of what I’m losing in the household split).

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