Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Spring is comin'!
It might seem early to me, but I suspect that not all of our readers live in the great white north. Here's a great link that Emilin sent to me a while ago, where you can find farmer's markets, family farms and other places you can find organic, sustainably grown produce.

I've been dreaming about my produce subcription for a while now. In honor of that, we're going to have cream-cheese-and-pesto grilled on multigrain bread sometime next week (this week's already planned!). If you've never tried that combo, do it. If possible, use some of the pesto you froze last summer. And if you didn't freeze any last year, make yourself a note to do so. There's nothing like the blast of summer in the frozen days of February from pesto made at the height of basil season.

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