Thursday, February 26, 2004

Sometimes, the knife-wielding’s only for the broccoli
Yesterday, I called flea while I was making dinner. Now, I knew before I called her that we’d talk about this, but called anyway and, sure enough, she asked me what I was making for dinner (because I told her that’s what I was doing) and I couldn’t very well lie to her, despite how embarrassing the truth was. And now I must confess: I had a big-time slacker dinner last night, one with little nutritional value, one that makes me think I should consider resigning from the blog, because what kind of example am I?

I made Butoni four-cheese ravioli, with Prego sauce with Fresh Mushrooms, and Pepperidge Farm garlic bread. The only saving grace was that I steamed some organic broccoli.

For dessert: peanut-butter sandwich cookies from the Girl Scouts.

Sad. It’s so very sad. Do you feel my pain?

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