Wednesday, February 18, 2004

On the off chance that video footage of me in a bathing suit happens to show up on the Internet, let me say this:

I am a vegetarian, no matter what I sing in that song.

Okay, so my real point is to subtly deter certain cobloggers from selling their souls to get my father's VHS cassette converted to a digital form and hosted somewhere on the World Wide Web.

When I was nine years old, I had a fondness for a song about salty fish, legumes, and the tender, roasted flesh of a pig. In this song, I declared my affection for this trio of foods and my schedule for consuming them. In between the hip jerks and sparkly blue bathing suit, there was real art. True art. In fact, it was High Art. That song had meaning and passion, and I know that some of the viewers had misty eyes which could not be hidden behind their laughter.

Make no mistake: "Sardines and Pork & Beans" brings people to their knees.

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