Thursday, February 12, 2004

This guy goes to a pet store because he wants to buy a bird. The woman at the store tells him she has this great parrot, a parrot he’ll just love. Parrot and man are introduced and a sale is made.

The guy gets home with the parrot, gets him settled in his new cage, and the parrot starts cursing. Not just a little bit. A lot. The vilest curse words you’ve ever heard. And the man cannot get him to stop.

So he calls the pet store and asks them if they have any advice. The woman who sold him the bird says, “Oh, right! I’m sorry I forgot to tell you about this. The thing to do is to stick him in your freezer for five minutes. No more, no less. He’ll stop cursing, then.”

The guy’s a little alarmed. “The freezer?”

“Yep. The freezer. Five minutes.”

“You’re sure it won’t hurt him?”

“Yep, I’m sure. He’ll be fine. And he’ll stop cursing.”

So the guy waits for a while because the parrot’s quieted down. But, of course, the cursing starts again. And the guy can’t take it and says, “That’s it! You’re going in the freezer!” He sticks the bird in his freezer and sets the timer on his stove. He paces for the entire five minutes, worrying about the parrot.

When the buzzer sounds, he throws open the freezer door and there’s the parrot, shivering and glaring at him. “Are you okay?” the guy says.

The parrot nods.

“Are you going to stop cursing?”

The parrot nods.

“Do you promise?”

The parrot nods. “I just have one question.”

“Okay, what’s your question?”

“What did that chicken do?”

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