Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Baffled by broccoli? Stumped by steak? Overwhelmed by onions?
Yeah, you get the idea. The KWF brigade is pleased to announce the creation of an email address to which you can send all of the random questions that have been bothering you about cooking or food. How long can I keep paprika? (Not as long as you'd hoped, unless you're just going for color.) Can I use a drill bit on a really big potato to make a hole to stuff flavored butters into before grilling? (Yes, but only if the drill bit is clean.) What's the best and easiest way to prepare butterfly porkchops? (Braise them in apple juice or V8.) How can I get my kid to eat the things they hate but I know they should eat? (Hell if I know. Ask flea.)

Bring 'em on. We're ready. The turnaround won't be speedy, but it'll be worth the wait.


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