Monday, January 26, 2004

Okay, excellent! So far we have three people on board, and would like to add more. I'm Leigh Anne, also known as flea in the internet world, and I'll answer to both. My other blog is One Good Thing.

Our requirements for the group blog are:

1.) You must identify as a feminist, mostly so frog, Emilin, and I will be able to tolerate your ass.

2.) You must identify as a "foodie", i.e., somebody who loves to cook, and eat. You do not have to love clean-up, however, to be considered for membership.

3.) Your posts must be food-related in someway. Other than that, I personally am not keen on telling people what to write about.

4.) E-mail us at fleamail@westerncom.net with any comments, questions, etc.

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