Saturday, January 31, 2004

Attention: Call for Submissions

I'm making a plea for recipes. They must be vegetarian and low in protein. They must have a reasonable amount of fat and be good for gaining weight. They should be easy, quick, and okay to freeze.

You see, despite my love and appreciation of good food, I've lost a substantial and perhaps unhealthy amount of weight in the last few months (see: stress). The vegetarian part of the request is for my benefit, and the low in protein part is for my mom. Email them to me at "emilin" at aol.com--there's a link to my email address on the page linked above.

I'll post the favorite when I've tried them all.

Rules: You must send them to me. You must include "RECIPE" in the subject line of your message, or you might be confused with spam and deleted. They must be vegetarian and low in protein.

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