Monday, April 18, 2005

I enjoy a good survey 

Favorite food to crunch: Popcorn

Favorite comfort food: Brownies. Or yeah, homemade macaroni and cheese. I can’t eat the stuff from the box.

Food that makes the best noise: A good crisp apple, preferably Fujis.

Favorite picnic lunch: Cheese, fruit, wine, good bread, roasted reds, olives, dried figs, almonds, a tray of "Nana bake," a cold salad of some sort…

Favorite food scene in movie: “Big Night," the scene where Primo has a fit because a customer who ordered the risotto wants a side of pasta with it. He feels that there are rules as to what you eat with what, and I get that.

Favorite food lyrics: “Try an enchilada with the fishy baccala!”

Best food smell memory: N/A

Favorite summer snack: Watermelon. I can eat it by the pound.

Food that reminds me of the ocean: Probably MrP’s sangria.

Favorite winter snack: Toast with peanut butter and a banana, hot buttered rum, hot chocolate with a healthy pinch of cayenne (that’ll warm your bones!)

Most likely to eat for lunch: Leftovers from dinner the night before.

Least likely to eat for lunch: Takeout.

Makes me gag: Um, not much. Undercooked fried eggs are pretty yuck, though. When the whites aren’t set? Pleh.

Favorite wild foods: Berries picked off the bush. One goes in the basket, one goes in my mouth, one goes in the basket, one goes in my mouth…

Favorite medicinal food: Pastina soup with lemon, homemade chicken stock, and tons of garlic. Or, rice congee (see recipe below).

Foods that reflect my heritage: Nana’s gnocchis, with the most fabulous, mouth-watering sauce, made with meatballs, sausage, and pork chops from a few nights ago. Fried zucchini flowers from Nana’s garden, good bread from the bakery where you walked right into the kitchen after church and bought it hot from the oven, ricotta pie, coveted homemade wine (called “dago red” back home), and plums that Pap has to have.

Food most like me: Pecorino Tuscano – it’s salty, semi-firm, and Italian, just like me.

Favorite raw food smell: N/A

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