Sunday, April 17, 2005

Frog's wish=my command 

Favorite food to crunch: raw potatoes
Favorite comfort food: oh so many...mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, plain pasta, frosted sugar cookies... pretty much anything that comes in carbohydrate form
Food that makes the best noise: sizzling bacon
Favorite picnic lunch: fruit, bread, cheese, pasta salad
Favorite food scene in movie: Thanksgiving in Pieces of April is the first thing that comes to mind
Favorite food lyrics:
the butter melts out of habit
the toast isn't even warm
the waitress and the man in the plaid shirt
play out a scene they've played
so many times before
i am watching the sun stumble home in the morning
from a bar on the east side of town
and the coffee is just water dressed in brown
Best food smell memory: my Mom's homemade doughnuts frying
Favorite summer snack: pretty much any form of popsicle, strawberries
Food that reminds me of the ocean: saltwater taffy, clam chowder
Favorite winter snack: again with the starch...
Most likely to eat for lunch: Gardenburger, fries, Pepsi
Least likely to eat for lunch: entrees from the cafeteria at work
Makes me gag: borsht
Favorite wild foods: berries of all kinds
Favorite medicinal food: udon
Foods that reflect my heritage: salmon, fried smelt, vinegar-wilted lettuce
Food most like me: pickles
Favorite raw food smell: grapefruit

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