Friday, April 30, 2004

I have a couple of food-related things to share today.

First, I had a wonderful sandwich for dinner last night. Grilled Tillamood cheddar (makes me homesick) with organic tomato slices on Zingerman's 8-grain 3-seed bread (Thank you, Stresch and Emilin!). It was amazing.

Then, for lunch today I had an Amy's meal. These are generally pretty good, so I tried something new: Mattar Paneer. I was skeptical--I love Indian food, but how good can it be out of a box? Well, in this case it was QUITE good. I'd highly recommend it.

I eat convenience food for lunch. It's that or go out--I just have a block about making lunch. So Amy's really is a wondeful, wonderful thing.

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