Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Favorite kitchen appliance: Food processor (a small one from Krups), esp. now that we can wash it in the dishdrawers. I really love the dishdrawers more, but I thought I should give a cooking-based answer.
Favorite kitchen implement: lemon zester, garlic press
Three basics my cooking can't live without: olive oil, garlic, a good saute pan.
Things that are worth the extra $$: Organic produce delivered to my garage, good knives, yummy cheese
Things that are not worth the extra $$: prepared salad dressing, cookies that I didn't bake, fancy-shmancy canned tuna
Things missed most when they are out of season: tomatoes, corn, asparagus.
Things I get really tired of seeing in the grocery store: I actually rarely go, but I think my answer would be "hungry, tired shoppers, esp. those with hungry, tired children." But if we're talking food items, it would be dessicated fruit. It makes me laugh.
I avoid at all costs: meat
My favorite celebrity chef is: Deborah Madison
My favorite cooking show is: the only one I've watched more than once is Iron Chef. However, there are so few editions of the show that feature foods that I eat, and the dubbing is annoying, so I don't watch it often.

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