Friday, April 23, 2004

Cooks Survey
I propose that we at Knife-Wielding Feminists take part in a cooks' survey. I'll start:

Favorite kitchen appliance: toaster oven
Favorite kitchen impliment: good set of mixing bowls
Three basics my cooking (baking) can't live without: unsalted butter, white sugar, unbleached all-purpose flour
Things that are worth the extra $$: organic poultry, most organic produce, organic milk, nice olive oil, bottled water
Things that are not worth the extra $$: organic bananas, foie gras, caviar, name-brand canned tomotoes and beans, hoity dry pasta
Things missed most when they are out of season: good tomatoes, strawberries, apples, corn on the cob
Things I get really tired of seeing in the grocery store: greens of various kinds, citrus fruits, asparagus
I avoid at all costs: walnuts, coconut,
My favorite celebrity chef is: Tony Bordain
My favorite cooking show is: Good Eats, Oliver's Twist

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